DMT (Device-Modeling-Toolkit) is a framework intended to enable device-engineers to

  • extract the parameters of compact models.
  • have one unified infrastructure that can be used for:
    • analyzing and collecting measurement data
    • working with TCAD and circuit simulators.
    • generation of TeX plots and reports in a highly automated way.
  • interface to Verilog-A compact models using the leading open source Verilog-A compiler Verilog-AE.

The framework has been developed by my colleague M. Krattenmacher and me in our spare time. It has been applied in several industry and academic projects that I am involved in. We have given a presentation on this tool at the HICUM workshop.

We are using this tool to:

  • interface Keysight ADS and ngspice circuit simulators.
  • interface COOS and DEVICE TCAD simulators.
  • extract the parameters of the HICUM/L2 model for state of the art SiGe and III-V HBT processes.
  • create pandas based databases from measured or simulated data.
Markus Müller
Markus Müller
Research Associate and PhD candidate

My research interests include compact modeling, TCAD and circuit simulation of advanced HBTs.