COOS is a TCAD simulator targeted at SiGe and III-V HBTs. I am deveoping this simulator in the scope of my PhD thesis, since none of the commercial tools fits my needs. The ultimate goal of COOS is to implement the easiest possible augmented Drift-Diffusion framework suitable to analyze state-of-the-art HBTs. This is achieved by using several “augmentations” such as tunnelling currents and other interesting stuff ;). Also the simulator is intended to be calibrated against BTE simulations. Currently, the simulator supports the following features:

  • 1D and 2D simulation of semiconductor structures
  • up to two electron and one hole bands, coupled by recombination
  • detailed alloy model, necessary for the simulation of graded structures
  • simple self heating and tunneling models
  • different material models, suitable for SiGe and III-V alloys.
  • data input using HDF5 format
Markus Müller
Markus Müller
Research Associate and PhD candidate

My research interests include compact modeling, TCAD and circuit simulation of advanced HBTs.